Looking to make a Wibit Sportspark a profitable business opportunity?

Wibit makes attracting customers easy with our flexible SportsParks in different sizes and capacity ranges to fit any lake or budget. Our products are modular and the WaterWaze expertise is huge, which makes it easy to customize your individual best fit for your business.

  • Tailor-made

    Helping you customize your Wibit SportsPark and choose the best location.

  • Concessions

    Providing all needed documents for concession rights.

  • Business Plan

    Developing a business plan to minimize your payback time.

  • Installation & Trainings

    Offering professional installation and extensive operational and maintenance trainings.

  • All TÜV certified

    Offering the best and safest products you can get – all TÜV approved!

With your own Wibit SportsPark you can make additional, sustainable revenue for your lake location at a low cost. You can accommodate more than 500 guests per day, and – with all the sports fun and outdoor recreation that Wibit products provide – those families will purchase the snacks, meals, and other products you sell, generating profits for your other business ventures.

The unrivaled Wibit expertise will allow you to maximize the return on your Wibit investment and bring payback time to a minimum.

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