Experience waterplay
on another level

With Wibit Peakz, you will experience the absolute latest in water play. This innovative floating adventure park tests your balance, agility and speed as you traverse the elevated Wibit Peakz.

Three Wibit Peakz. Countless challenges

Wibit Peakz challenges you to get from peak to peak by crossing a variety of bridges connected at three heights: one, two or three meters above the surface. The modular design allows the park to be configured in an infinite array of combinations for ultimate flexibility. In this way, courses with different levels of difficulty can be created and changed at any time. New combinations and additions are extremely easy to implement thanks to the four connection points that each summit has to offer.

Let’s create the most optimal course for your location!

Multiple combinations

Wibit Peakz 5

Wibit Peakz 5 is our perfect, always expandable course for smaller areas. Five Wibit Peakz form a water park that guarantees lots of action and adventures.

Wibit Peakz 7

Seven Wibit Peakz make up Wibit Peakz 7, an excellent combination of our water adventure for medium sized areas that can be added to at any time. Fun and thrills for everyone!

Wibit Peakz 10

10 Wibit Peakz for even more adventure and fun! The next challenge for all Wibit Peakz enthusiasts.

Wibit Peakz 14

Higher! Faster! Further! Wibit Peakz 14 is a sensational track that carries you along. And as a reward a carefree slide into the water is waiting for you.

Wibit Peakz 18

Pure adrenaline: with 18 Wibit Peakz, this course will dominate the beach!

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