Maximizing fun with programming

Wibit is more than just products on the water and adds value to every visit. A variety of games and events designed around our products promote social interaction, balance, coordination, and motor skill development for people of all ages.

Unique entertainment

With Wibit, you will provide visitors with an experience they will never forget. Our combinations are perfect for hosting birthday parties, aquatic exercise classes, or team-building events – all great programs to engage visitors.

Happy returning customers

Creating a top-tier and sustainable user experience will keep your visitors coming back for more. The modularity of Wibit products allows you to mix and match your elements to create a new experience every week.

“Wibit Wednesday”

What about offering weekly animations like “Wibit Wednesdays” to your visitory? Increase traffic and concession sales at your business with the proven pull of Wibit combinations!

Looking to get started?

Let our knowledgeable staff personalize your Pool Track